Everyone seems to be getting into this blogging malarky pretty heavily at the moment so I guess it's time I threw my carcass on the bangwagon..

This is the bit where I'm supposed to introduce myself right? I'm like most guys the wrong side of twenty, I drink a lot, smoke, fall over at weekends and watch the girls go by. I try to inject a little class into the proceedings, I fail more often than I suceed, but the efforts there and that's what counts.

I'm not really sure what else I'm supposed to write here, and I generally don't like talking about myself, so if you want to know, ask.

5th January 2014

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That is so sad! Only 65 years! Rest in peace!


That is so sad! Only 65 years! Rest in peace!

23rd December 2013


Everything dies.

13th December 2013

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All around the world people are thinking about what they want this Christmas. Who’s getting them what, did they go to the right store, will it be the right size…. All I want is not to have to spend it alone for the eighth year running :-(

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10th April 2013

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As many of you know, I recently purchased an Uruk-Hai scimitar.



Well let me tell you, it was quite the pragmatic purchase. It has endless uses in my morning routine.

Such as making the bed:


Making toast:


Getting things off high shelves:


Making coffee:


Reaching the remote when it’s too far away:


And assisting me when I ran out of toilet paper:


I don’t know how I survived life without it.



18th January 2013

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18th January 2013

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Requested by Sekomu

15th January 2013

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20th August 2012


beigebananabandstand said: Re bottle of piss thrown at Cher Lloyd: This is what festivals use to be like, just Youtube Daphne and Celeste at Reading and see how lightly she got off in comparison. She's not the first nor the last.

I know, that’s kinda my point…

20th August 2012

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People complaining about the “tragic” bottling of Cher Lloyd at V Festival this weekend - I didn’t see it because I was working behind the scenes but there were deaths on both sites over the weekend, a man was beaten to death yards from Chelmsford on saturday night. What you witnessed was nothing but a little too much karma, please redefine your definition of the word “tragedy” appropriately.

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12th July 2012

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“Now one of you will be the drowning victim, and the other one gets to be our lifesaver!”